AEI International Berhad (AEI) with its high quality products, such as bread and cakes under the brand name of My Bakery has been selected amongst the many vendors to supply freshly baked breads and cakes to reputable hospitals and factories in Penang. AEI produces HALAL breads, cakes and traditional malay delicacies (Kuey-Kuey). In AEI, we pride ourselves in making natural and healthy food from the best, premium ingredients with dedication and love. Flour, eggs, butter and yeast are the core ingredients and they play the most important role to make our breads, NOT premixes, enhances and flavoring. Our bakers are required to follow a strict rule of production attire at all times in the baking area to ensure the cleanliness of the bread. The baking area as well as the baking equipment are cleaned thoroughly everyday before baking batches of bread. Most importantly, all of our bread are freshly baked daily and delivered to our customers named below as reference to our business.